Yorta Yorta Language


YYNAC have committed themselves to ensuring that Yorta Yorta Language is alive and shared with all you mob out there.  As you know, for too long our language has only been spoken by a few and only limited people of our mob can do so fluently.  It’s time to bring our language out and share it with the rest of you.  Really, it’s time to celebrate what has long been forbidden to us and ensure that the next generation have the opportunity to know their language, speak their language and grow with their language.

Yorta Yorta Language is a strong and vibrant part of cultural identity that must been seen and heard and the only way this can happen is to share it amongst each other.  There are many ways we can do this, through writing, books, poetry, song and much more.  If you or anyone you know have some language you want to share just let us know here at YYNAC.

Through this site you will be given access to other sites that relate to Yorta Yorta Language as well as all updates of what is happening with language within our communities.

Yorta Yorta Language Class: McPherson Media Group