On behalf of the Yorta Yorta Nation Aboriginal Corporation I present the Yorta Yorta Whole-of-Country Plan for 2021-2030. It is a document built on thousands of years of knowledge and existence in our Yorta Yorta Traditional Boundary. It reflects a long struggle to have our voice reflected in the protection of our country, our people and our culture.

I stood with my Elders under the giant Red Gums on the banks of the Barmah Lakes in the early 1970s listening to great Yorta Yorta leaders that will never be with us again and they spoke of the day when Yorta Yorta Peoples will be in control of caring for our country and culture.

Today Yorta Yorta Nation stands with self determining and sovereignty and we are promoting our Whole-of-Country Plan to describe our priorities and our solutions for caring for our Yenbena, Woka and Walla.

We all have a global crisis upon us with the commodification of resources and the escalation of man; the destruction of habitats and the increasing temperatures in our atmosphere needs to stop. Our Country needs to be put back into balance and demands strong actions for this to happen. First Nation Peoples of the World have knowledge and their continuing presence in their country this needs to be maintained, preserved and respected.

I would like to especially like to thank the writer Brian Doolan, Yorta Yorta Elders and all the deadly Yorta Yorta Staff for ensuring this Plan was created.

Now we ALL need to ensure that this Whole-of-Country Plan does not just sit on the shelf for the next ten years but, actually guides the way for Yorta Yorta Nation, and informs our partners on how we do our business, of looking after our people, country and culture.

We are responsible to our future generations, as they depend on what we do today to make the change for tomorrow.

Much appreciation and respect,
Monica Morgan
Chief Executive Officer
Yorta Yorta Nation Aboriginal Corporation










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