An Aboriginal Protest Against the Nazis, Finally Delivered

An Aboriginal Protest Against the Nazis, Finally Delivered

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A heroic act of solidarity with persecuted Jews in Nazi Germany by an Aboriginal activist comes full circle – 74 years later.

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SYDNEY — One of the most remarkable protests against the “cruel persecution” of the Jews by the Nazis has finally been completed – 74 years after it was initiated in faraway Australia.

Just weeks after Kristallnacht, William Cooper, an Aboriginal elder of the Yorta Yorta tribe, led a delegation to the German consulate in Melbourne to deliver a petition condemning the Nazis treatment of the Jews.

Cooper, then the 77-year-old secretary of the Australian Aborigines League, was denied entry to the consulate.

But last Thursday, exactly 74 years to the day, Cooper’s 84-year-old grandson Alf “Boydie” Turner and great-grandson Kevin Russell along with about a dozen other family members handed over a duplicate letter of protest.

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