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Yorta Yorta Nation Aboriginal Corporation are seeking expressions of interest to fill positions on the Yorta Yorta Traditional Owner Land Management Board.

All YYTOLMB members are fully approved and endorsed by the Yorta Yorta Nation so that the endorsed applicants list can go to the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change for appointment.

About the Yorta Yorta Traditional Owner Land Management Board (YYTOLMB)

The YYTOLMB was established in June 2013 under the Conservation Forests and Lands Act 1987 by a determination of the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change. The board was established to give effect to the Yorta Yorta Traditional Owner Land Management Agreement dated 29 October 2010.

The board’s key function is to enable the knowledge and culture of the Yorta Yorta People to be recognised and incorporated into the management of Barmah National Park.

Board membership comprises a majority of Yorta Yorta People and a nominee of the Secretary of the Department of Environment, Water, Land & Planning and brings strategic skills, knowledge, experience, and connections to organisations, stakeholders and community. This aims to bring breadth and strength to the Joint Management of the Barmah National Park.

The Board consists of seven members and we are particularly interested in people who have the time to actively be involved in the activities of the YYTOLMB.


Successful candidates will bring to the role, proven business, budget preparation, governance and administration skills as well as excellent communication (written and oral), extensive network, community development and or commercial experience and relationship building skills as well as a demonstrated commitment to collaborative work practices and competence in analysing the critical issues of YYTOLMB.

Appointment will be up to a two-year term with and we strongly encourage women to apply for these positions. These are statutory body appointed positions by the Minister and so Directors are bound by good governance procedures as defined by the VPSA.

YYOTLMB positions are volunteer positions however you would be attractively remunerated for your time and travel expenses. Regular monthly meetings are scheduled as well sub- committee duties. There will be occasional workshops to be held within Barmah National Park.

These positions would suit someone who:
 Is a member of the Yorta Yorta Community with good knowledge of Yorta Yorta Culture and our Woka and Walla.
 Possesses Knowledge of Yorta Yorta history especially of the Barmah National Park, Barmah Lakes and our Dhungala.
 Demonstrated experience on high level Project Boards, especially around governance, strategic planning, finance and reporting.

It is strongly encouraged that Yorta Yorta People who have knowledge and experience in key areas needed on the YYTOLMB and commitment to attend monthly meetings.
 Knowledge of Park Management Planning and Implementation
 Financial management
 Sound Governance and Business
 Strong Cultural Knowledge of the Barmah National Park.

If you think you possess these qualities and skills the YYTOLMB encourages you to join the Board. Applications can be sent Attention: Monica Morgan, Chief Executive Officer, YYNAC, PO Box 1363, Shepparton, VIC, 3632. or email by the closing date of COB Friday, 20th March 2020.